What is a chakra?


How does the treatment unfold?

During the healing session (50-60 minutes) you lie down comfortably on a massage table (with clothes on and shoes off), with soft background music. I will be placing my hands above your main energy centers (chakras), without touching your body (only occasionally). You may feel the circulation of energy through your body in the form of tingling or heat.

Each person gets as much or as little healing energy as they need. And as this energy always works for the highest good of the person receiving it, it cannot be harmful in any way.

During the treatment you just relax, stay open to receive and enjoy! And if you would fall asleep you still get the benefits.


What to expect from the session?

For some this energy healing treatment is a way to feel relaxed, destressed, be able to sleep better or simply feel refreshed.

Some people gain partial or complete relief from symptoms for a time, and others experience little obvious effect or nothing at all.

Healing is very personal, which means that the outcome varies according to each individual.


This is a 30 minutes session that you can receive in the comfort of your own home.

NOTE: This is a complementary holistic therapy to regular medicine and it never replaces a treatment of your doctor, psychologist and /or psychiatrist.